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19th November 2005

olga_18211:08am: I am desperately looking for the text of "Imram", a poem By J.R.R. Tolkien!
Does anybody have it (in any format) to share?
Or does anybody know where I can download it?
Many thanks to everybody in advance!
Current Mood: hopeful

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30th September 2005

trivking_642:51am: GLIMPSES WITHIN
(T. Beechey)

GLIMPSES WITHINCollapse )</lj-cut?

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26th September 2005

trivking_643:08pm: TIME
(T. Beechey)

TIMECollapse )

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18th September 2005

trivking_647:03pm: THE GREATEST FEAR
(T. Beechey)


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11th August 2005

droppingdead12:04pm: Poe Post
Hey im new here and my name is Dan
i wanted to share my new community called for_evermore
it is a community for fans of edgar allan poe, it covers everything about him and his writing and you can ever post your own writings.
it is brand new and im looking for poetry lovers to join (like yourselves)
oh yea i have a poem too , i wrote it for my girlfriend and it is reallly cheeezy
feel free to give criticisms and stuff

How long I hoped
For you to notice me
That for once
You would talk to me

You talk to her
And sit with them
“Go with me”
I ask again

You leave me here
To watch you go
I beg you please
Come back home

I’ll write to you
I hope you know
Long letters
Of the back row
Where we sat
And passed those notes
And talked and chatted
But never thought it could be “us”

I walk behind you
Won’t let you fall
But take the bullet
When I hear harm call

I hold your hand
And we embrace,
For times like this
may never come again

We walk together
Hand in hand
In hopes that
This will never end

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1st August 2005

jazzybabyfame3:03pm: poetic

- A rating community for poets!
- Weekly Prompts!
- Critiques!
- Lots of poetry!

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31st July 2005

trivking_6410:44am: WINDOWS
(T. Beechey)

From my window,I can see you lost in each other's gazes
In the midst of the hazes brought on by passion's blazes
From your window,can you see me before a shattered mirror
Cause the image which appeared bore a figure that was clearer
Long ago?

From my window,I can see you living out your story
Basking in the glory of never needing to be sorry
From your window,can you see me lost in a sea of doubt
Wondering what life's about in a world now without
Your glow?

Myself in the window no longer bears reflection
While the lines of your shadow point in each direction
Yet I can't turn aside,ever hopeful for a glance
Of the stemming of the tide of romance

From my window,I can see you in the arms of another
Secure in the love for this moment you've discovered
From your window,can you see me with head bent and kneeling
In search of a healing from this overwhelming feeling
Of shame?

From my window,I can see you dancing in the moonlight
Silohuetted in the twilight and everything is all right
From your window,can you see me as my spirit's slowly dulling
With teardrops steadily falling and each one calling
Out your name?

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30th July 2005

trivking_645:09am: FOREVER
(T. Beechey)

Forever exists until memories fade
And the shades are drawn and even then
When just a solitary thought
In time is caught,it begins again

Forever is neither here nor there,
It's everywhere and nowhere at all
Yet,somewhere we fall in the middle
And,little by little,we begin to dull

Till we all become part of forever
Never changing,but seldom the same
Name or circumstance doesn't divide us
For they're inside us to feed the flame

There is no beginning,there is no end
Only chance to mend what's fallen before
As through the door we quickly pass
Into the looking glass of nevermore

Forever exists in a dream selected
From those reflected in sightless eyes
And nothing dies for we're all as one
Just as we've begun until spirits rise

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4th June 2005

meliss_4:28pm: Poetry Fans!! :) :) :)

My grandmother's dying wish was to publish a book of her poetry, and the day before she died she was told from the publisher that her dream was going to come true. 2 months after she passed away, the book is published.

If we sell 500 hardcopy books, it will appear on the shelves of Barnes and Noble. So please, consider buying this book. It truley is amazing, and it would mean alot to the memory of my Nanny.

I think this book is amazing. It is poetry about spirituality, love, and life. I have grown up around my grandmothers poetry, and I have always found it so emotionally moving and inspiring. I honestly think that others will love it just as I have.


One Light by Norma Hantson

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29th April 2005

trivking_6411:13am: WINGS
There was a boy who yearned to fly and,for hours,he'd watch the birds in the sky
And one could tell by his eye's gleam that some way,someday he would realize his dream
From his body he sprouted wings --- beautiful,gorgeous,spectacular things
With the colors of a thousand springs and all the splendor which nature brings
And they spanned the entire world,shielding all from rains as they unfurled
And,as they were drawn and curled,the color trails swooped and swirled

First,he leapt into the wind but,from this plan,he chose to rescind
So he kept the wind to his back,but all he knew faded to black
He tried to take off on a run,but grew entangled in the rays of the sun
Finally,he tried just staying still and remained just that way until...

He gazed once more at the beauty he found within the sky,then looked around
At what to him was now a cell from which he would eternally dwell
And so his wings began to rot,his dreams of flight were no longer a thought
The colors,once brilliant,began to dull...leaving behind nothing at all

He watched as others took his place and soared above with glamour and grace
And,to each one,he wished them well as he awaited the tolling of the bell
For that was all that remained,now indelibly ingrained
Upon his soul to bear the shame,upon the stone to bear his name

So,he watched as the world passed him by without a glance to his tear-stained eye
And,when came the time for him to die ---- since no one cared,no one asked why

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9th March 2005

silent_cries8711:58pm: Please read
Two Sides

It's a wonderful day,
Nothing but blue skys.
It's a horrible day,
Another man dies.
The children frolick, laugh, and play,
They have parks, playgrounds, and a yard.
The children huddle with fear,
As the soldiers stand guard.
A new baby boy arrives today,
Listen to his lively cries.
Another small child is taken today,
Another family having to say their goodbyes.
A couple is joined together today,
With God as their witness.
An old loving couple killed today,
Thanks to God for his quickness.

I write this from two points of view, one is our life here in the USA, the other is life in Iraq. It just kinda came to me last night I needed another poem to send the the poetry convention this spring. It was a spur of the moment poem. It's dedicated to our troops in Iraq and the one's who may still be sent over. They are making a difference. Opinions are much appreciated.

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5th March 2005

trivking_645:32am: THE PIPER
(T. Beechey)

When,all around,there is the sound of peaceful solitude
And the only images to be found exist within the mood
That's the chance to accept the dance even if you can't
You'll find the step where it's kept within the piper's chant

When,all within,the ceaseless din of the world fades away
Allowing for just a moment to breathe the scent of day
That is when you begin again to seek what left so soon
And,when you do,only then will you hear the piper's tune

The whispers in the breezes which appeases and consumes
The ripples in the water,color splashes in the plumes
Blending with the mending of a heart denied in love
This is only but a sampling of all the piper's of

Upon the crests of windfalls,there's no walls to divide
Expressions emerge quickly when there's not a need to hide
From the majestic rise of mountains to fountains spraying mist
This is where,in the fragrant air,you shall feel the piper's kiss

When,all throughout,the cloak of doubt is lifted to reveal
Just what life is all about in all you think and feel
That's a sign to drink the wine,the sweet nectar which abounds
In the presence of the lilting tones amidst the piper's sounds

When all above,below,beyond,there's a bond between the land
And man as he embraces life with a strong and steady hand
That's the time to begin the climb from where you've been so long
And follow the echoes of the chime which exist in the piper's song

(Bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells!)

1st March 2005

trivking_646:52am: To An Unknown Acquaintance
I came across an obituary notice in a newspaper and the resemblances between the deceased and I were so striking that I felt compelled to write about it:

(T. Beechey)

I didn't recognize the printed name
But,nonetheless,teardrops filled my eyes
When I realized that we were one and the same
Merely attired in the other's disguise

How very much similar our lives had been
As twins,we could have easily passed
Simply miscast in separate skin
Upon journeys that were never to last

The routes we chose somehow always merged
Forever on the verge of denial
Yet,all the while,there was present that surge
To complete that elusive,unfinished mile

Was it luck or fate or happenstance?
A random encounter with the Sacred Above?
Or was it unrequited heartfelt romance
The turning back of a still-yearning love?

I didn't recognize the printed name
And it's really a shame because,you see,
Together,we each warmed ourselves by that flame
Now,I travel alone in search of me

(Bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells!)

26th February 2005

silent_cries8712:40am: It's been awhile sonce I've wrote and this probably isn't what everyone would expect but opinions are gravely appreciated.
Its been awhile since you left,
I remember that day all to well.
The thoughts of us haunt me,
Past memories bind me in chains.
He's been here to old me,
The healing soul I needed to find.
He's fallen so deep in love,
And pours it out like holy water.
I've grown to love him to,
Given him whats left to my heart.
He was there when you left,
And it only seems fair to me.
But it's not fair to him,
The fact that he has to share.
The fact that he lives loving me,
Knowing I still love you.
I've grown to love him too,
Really I have.
But the love is so much different,
And it shouldn't be.
Its unfair that you haunt me,
And still hold most of my heart.
Its unfair that he has to be second,
It's unfair to him can't you see!

(Bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells!)

21st December 2004

(T. Beechey)

Amidst the boundless astral plain,amongst the myriad drops of rain,
Between the moon and sun I've danced in a ceaseless quest to seek romance
But I just had to turn to find that what I sought was right behind
To take my hand and guide me through forever into the distant blue

Within her eyes,therein lies what shade and shadow can't disguise
All that is so pure and true,like when the dawn embarks anew
Spilling forth in lustrous rays,sifting through the mist and haze
Allowing for another chance to glimpse the world at flawless glance
And the images which have been drawn supply the strength to carry on
Over once untrodden ground as time's fabric grows unwound
Hers is truly a lyrical soul - lifting me up,filling the role
Of someone whom I used to know...it seems so very long ago

But also yet,in a way,there remains a sense of yesterday
For but a fleeting twinkling once,I relished the flavors of these wants
I savored every precious drop then,all too soon,it came to stop
Ever since I've longed and yearned for those moments to return
To cast aside shrouds of gloom and breathe in airs of sweet perfume
Nestled in rich bouquets of water lilies by the bay
Just simple pleasures,priceless treasures ---springing forth in spacious measures
Gone not to be revised...till I found the beauty in her eyes

Reviving faith,renewing hope,smoothing out each hill and slope
Granting chance to chances lost regardless of the cause or cost
A time to bask within the rays of playful,carefree summer days
And capture at their greatest heights passions borne on winter heights
Revealed to all,concealed to none --- the time to heal has begun
And I never thought I would see when such a time would come to me
I'm comforted so by its warming glow,more than anyone could ever know
Casting reflections below,above,and all around in hues of love

Now,as anguish goes,I've chance to dose --- at last,a moment for repose
For I've grown weary in my quest,my wounded soul beckons request
The mirrored portraits in her eyes reflect upon the earth and skies
Across the glass I fanitly trace a misplaced smile upon my face
When I awake I've come to see these dreams of smiles have come to be
For,within my heart,we are as one in the presence of the setting sun
Underneath a velvet mystic sky as clouded mists go rolling by
Upon a crystalled span of sea awash in sheer tranquility

And,all around,there is no sound --- not even a echoed whisper found
Just she and I within a world so unbridled and unfurled
Her poetic gaze I praise in song as,with the winds,we drift along
Past and beyond the skyline view...forever into the distant blue

(Bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells!)

21st November 2004

trivking_642:48am: The Journey

A moment lingers,stealthly clinging to space
Where time can't erase the inevitable essence
Its presence is felt,but often seldom accepted
Within the decrepit walls of incandescence

Where the light which travels unravels each second
Even as voices beckoned to be restored
They're ignored as,undaunted,the dimming continues
And the hues reflected now angle toward

An image unseen,yet encaptured fully
And so duly noted upon each who surveys
Within each gaze of wonder,the thunder rumbles
And crumbles facades of bygone days

Leaving behind just the stains of madness
As the strains of sadness resonate
Not waiting for entry; they arrive uninvited
As each lighted realm does dissipate

Till blackness surrounds and sounds have fallen
To mere sullen murmurs of echoing screams
Thus the dreams are silenced,amidst violent pauses
Which causes revisions of storybook themes

(1 Keeping time, time, time, In a sort of Runic rhyme! | Bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells!)

17th November 2004

trivking_6411:05am: SUNRISE

Sunrise,peeking slowly through the trees
Bring me another day to share
Sunrise,with your warm and gentle breeze
Show me just how much you care

Oh,can you read my mind?
Can you take away the pain?
Erase all of my yesterdays
And let me start again

Sunrise,collect up all my dreams
Turn them into something real
Sunrise,sew up all my seams
Close my wounds and let them heal

Let me knoe the truth
That's concealed behind the lies
Reveal to me the answers
And blaze them across the skies

Sunrise,breathe new life into my soul
Tell me that I am not wrong
Sunrise,help me fulfill my role
Let me know that I belong

Give to me a reason
That I should carry on
Welcome and caress me
With each refreshing dawn

(Instrumental Break)

Unlock all of your mysteries
That have so long been known
Confide in me your secrets
You already know my own

Sunrise,cast all shadows to the side
Light my path so I can see
Sunrise,be my guardian and guide
Take me where I want to be...

(Bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells!)

13th November 2004

trivking_6412:23pm: Where I Am
Somewhere a light flickers,way off in the distance
Yet there is a resistance between that light and me
For I yearn to see the world in its glowing
Still,I can't help knowing that it's not meant to be

But I can dream and imagine all of the splendor
The tender caresses of light on my face
In a place of comfort and deep introspection
Where the only direction is directly toward grace

I have dreamed of this moment forever and always
Through this maze I've traveled beyond and below
And that glow,it's now closer that ever
But I'll never partake of its radiant flow

For I'm destined to stay forever shrouded
Behind clouded remnants of a dream overdue
Where you don't exist and I'm quickly forgotten
So,beneath the rotten timbers,I view

As that distant light flickers,just beyond my grasping
And the moments lapsing increase over time
Till they climb beyond possible reaching
Thus teaching a lesson only known to the mime

(Bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells!)

27th October 2004

trivking_647:23am: MY EXISTENCE

Somewhere,maybe nowhere,there's an anywhere to be
It isn't everywhere or here and there and it's where you'll find me
It's a dream within a vision just the sightless can behold
An impenetrable prison from which memories are told

Sharing secrets with the masses,giving what's been taken back
Glimpsed through rose-colored glasses which time has tinted black
Telling tales without expression,but all is understood
By the constant intercession of evil's hidden good

There are answers seeking questions to solutions never sought
And the myriad of suggestions come from lessons never taught
Retained throughout the ages of youthful legacy
Where all unwritten pages are your own biography

Echoes of a silence which reverberate throughout
The darkened glow of violence where each whisper is a shout
Every offered hand is shielded in a masqueraded glove
And every heart has yielded to unrequited love

Somewhere,maybe nowhere,there exists a fantasy,
A mirage inside a blank stare...and that's where you will find me

(Bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells!)

21st August 2004

lyrical_faith12:51pm: Pastoral Pining
Oklahoma is empty tonight,
though the shirring of pines
seems to fill the twilight
to a firefly's content.
He will flicker,
and soon go out on me.

I will be left here humid,
bare-legged and bare-feet,
wincing at mosquitoes.
My eyes will trace the lines
of a waving blue horizon,
as if each strand of wheat
were a lock of his hair.

A rusted barn rests on the hill,
years of its life given to
feeding and warming,
now just a silhouette I resurrect
with thoughts of him
lying in hay by a fire.
I want to run to him,
but at the end of the mile,
he will not be there.

The night remains empty,
between the moon and stars,
the ground and the sky,
the hills and the hole
inside of me
where he used to live.


I thought the first post I made in this community should be one of my own poems. I hope you enjoy.

(3 Keeping time, time, time, In a sort of Runic rhyme! | Bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells!)

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