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Two Sides

It's a wonderful day,
Nothing but blue skys.
It's a horrible day,
Another man dies.
The children frolick, laugh, and play,
They have parks, playgrounds, and a yard.
The children huddle with fear,
As the soldiers stand guard.
A new baby boy arrives today,
Listen to his lively cries.
Another small child is taken today,
Another family having to say their goodbyes.
A couple is joined together today,
With God as their witness.
An old loving couple killed today,
Thanks to God for his quickness.

I write this from two points of view, one is our life here in the USA, the other is life in Iraq. It just kinda came to me last night I needed another poem to send the the poetry convention this spring. It was a spur of the moment poem. It's dedicated to our troops in Iraq and the one's who may still be sent over. They are making a difference. Opinions are much appreciated.
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