trivking_64 (trivking_64) wrote in loversofpoetry,

The Journey


A moment lingers,stealthly clinging to space
Where time can't erase the inevitable essence
Its presence is felt,but often seldom accepted
Within the decrepit walls of incandescence

Where the light which travels unravels each second
Even as voices beckoned to be restored
They're ignored as,undaunted,the dimming continues
And the hues reflected now angle toward

An image unseen,yet encaptured fully
And so duly noted upon each who surveys
Within each gaze of wonder,the thunder rumbles
And crumbles facades of bygone days

Leaving behind just the stains of madness
As the strains of sadness resonate
Not waiting for entry; they arrive uninvited
As each lighted realm does dissipate

Till blackness surrounds and sounds have fallen
To mere sullen murmurs of echoing screams
Thus the dreams are silenced,amidst violent pauses
Which causes revisions of storybook themes
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