trivking_64 (trivking_64) wrote in loversofpoetry,

Where I Am

Somewhere a light flickers,way off in the distance
Yet there is a resistance between that light and me
For I yearn to see the world in its glowing
Still,I can't help knowing that it's not meant to be

But I can dream and imagine all of the splendor
The tender caresses of light on my face
In a place of comfort and deep introspection
Where the only direction is directly toward grace

I have dreamed of this moment forever and always
Through this maze I've traveled beyond and below
And that glow,it's now closer that ever
But I'll never partake of its radiant flow

For I'm destined to stay forever shrouded
Behind clouded remnants of a dream overdue
Where you don't exist and I'm quickly forgotten
So,beneath the rotten timbers,I view

As that distant light flickers,just beyond my grasping
And the moments lapsing increase over time
Till they climb beyond possible reaching
Thus teaching a lesson only known to the mime
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